Photo by August Hoerr

  • BAS Anthropology: Univ. of Pittsburgh  1997
  • Masters in Arts in Teaching: Chatham Univ. 2005
  • Pennsylvania State Certified Teacher
  • 10+ Yrs Teaching Dance  Around the World
  • 15+ Yrs Teaching Visual Art & Aesthetic Education
Olivia Kissel is a vibrant voice in Contemporary Ethnic Dance, known for infusing concept-driven work with passionate expression and smooth technique.  Her emotive and elegant approach to dance results in lyrical, dynamic stage presentations. Olivia explores the expressive potential of folkloric, urban, and classical dance forms in her solo performances, choreographies and theatrical productions, creating work that weaves a rich tapestry of movement, light and texture that is fresh, modern and relevant to both historical and current perspectives.
Olivia travels tirelessly to teach and perform her unique approach to dance- teaching workshops and performing throughout the US and abroad.   Olivia uses her travel experience to collaborate with other dancers and study from artistic sources in Europe, Russia and the US.  Olivia enjoys the cross-pollination between artists and disciplines that happens with collaboration. She has worked with Vaudeville comedians, musicians, visual artists, burlesque and modern dancers, and side-show artists as well as Opera and theater companies.
Olivia continues to astound audiences in solo performances and collaborations. Known for a fiery passion and her smooth technique, Olivia milks every note of the music. Her mesmerizing style brings emotion and elegance to every turn.
Olivia is proud to have been a founding member and Co-Director of Zafira Dance Company for over 10 years. Zafira was a project of love -dreamed up by a group of friends around the fire -who took over the world and had lots of adventures dancing together.

2 thoughts on “BiO

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  2. Olivia,

    You are gorgeous! As a fellow artist, I have a deep respect and regard for your reverence to ethnic tribal dance and associated art forms. You have been a joy to host, produce, and support, and I hope that others may have the opportunity to find this beauty in working with you in the future.

    Maria Caruso/AD
    Bodiography Contemporary Ballet

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