Weekly Classes at Schoolhouse Yoga, Squirrel Hill Location, Pgh, PA

  • Mon:     6-7:15           Yoga 1
  • Mon:     7:30-8:45      Gentle Yoga & Meditation

>> Starting in March 2016 <<

  • Tues:     7-8:15am      Yoga 1
  • Wed:      9-10:30am   Yoga 2
  • Thurs:    7-8:15am     Yoga 1


Olivia is now booking limited dates for 2016 & 2017.
Contact: for inquiries.

March 5 & 6, Hybrid Dance Residency, Wolverhampton, UK

August 22 – 28, Tribal Umrah Festival, Viareggio, Italy

  • Olivia will be teaching alongside: Rachel Brice, Mat Jacob, Mardi Love, Amy Sigil & Unmata, Ashley Lopez, Moria Chappell, Kae Montgomery, Valenteena Ianni, Catherine De Sève, April Rose, Kristine Adams, Patricia Zarnovican, Caterina Grimani, Samantha Emanuel
  • Information Here and Here

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