Available on Etsy and at Olivia’s workshops and performances.

These chain drapes, pendants and earrings are crafted with textile pieces made by women all over the world, Olivia (respectfully) de-constructs the intricate chain and link work that these women have designed, and rework it.

 “I combine textile elements that may be from 3,000 miles and 100 years apart.  It is fascinating to see how some of the design elements fit together so beautifully. It’s stunning, I think.   The de-construction feels like archeology in a way, and I feel closer to the women who fabricated these intricate Kuchi pendants, or Pakistani ornamented coins and chokers. These women take bit and bobbles-basically TRASH & melted down tanks,  and turn it into gorgeous adornment that is constructed w/ genius design.” ~Olivia

 5% of profits from all Beyond Konflict jewelry will go to Eve Ensler’s V Day Foundation to support women’s work in regions of conflict.  V Day Foundation is active, in the dirt, empowering regional leaders who work to protect the rights and resources of girls and women.



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