Dance :: Yoga :: Design


Olivia Kissel is a vibrant voice in Contemporary Ethnic Dance and a designer with a lush, unique perspective.

As a dancer, she is known for infusing concept-driven work with passionate expression and smooth technique.  Her emotive and elegant approach to dance results in lyrical, dynamic stage presentations.

Olivia has travelled tirelessly to study, perform  and teach dance.  In her work she explores the expressive potential of folkloric, urban, and classical dance forms.

Inspired by her travels and performance art, Olivia designs jewelry and sculptural pieces for the home that weave a rich tapestry of movement, light and texture. Her work is evocative of exotic locations and bygone eras, yet is fresh as morning dew.
Throughout her career as an artist and performer, Olivia has woven yoga into her dance practice, classes and workshops.  Yoga themes and imagery find their way into her sculptural work.  In recent years, Olivia has increased her dedication to her practice and teaching her playful, inquiry-based approach to yoga in her hometown of Pittsburgh.
Photo Credits in Order:
Performance Photo: Joey Kennedy
Jewelry Photos (and featured dress by): Emilie Bosworth-Clemens of Crossfox
Decorative Screen & Lantern Photos: Olivia Kissel

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