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Olivia Kissel is a vibrant voice in Contemporary Ethnic Dance, a designer with a lush, unique perspective, and a teacher with over 15 years of experience inspiring creativity in wildly diverse settings.

As a dancer, she is known for infusing concept-driven work with passionate expression and smooth technique.  Her emotive  approach to dance results in lyrical, dynamic stage presentations.

Inspired by her travels and performance art, Olivia designs jewelry and sculpture for the home that weaves a rich tapestry of movement, light and texture. Her work is evocative of bygone eras, yet is fresh as morning dew.
In recent years, Olivia has devoted more time to teaching design, building and entrepreneurship in schools and maker spaces in the Pittsburgh region.  Her goal is to inspire curiosity through the design process, build skills with hi-tech and low-fi tools, and guide students toward making work that is meaningful, unique and authentic.
Throughout her career as an artist and performer, Olivia has woven her love of ethnographic textiles, nature, botany, yoga, and light play into her work.  These themes and imagery find their way into her sculptural work.  In recent years, Olivia has focused on CNC processes to create decorative and architectural pieces for installations and homes.
Photo Credits in Order:
Performance Photo: Joey Kennedy
Jewelry Photos (and featured dress by): Emilie Bosworth-Clemens of Crossfox
Sculpture, Screen and Door Photos: Olivia Kissel

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