September Workshop at Zafira Dance Studios

Old School meets New School: Belly dance Classics Re-interpreted

Sunday Sept. 18, 2011

3:30 – 6:30 PM

$30/ $40 advance/ door

Register Now  & stay in the Loop w/ Facebook

Olivia of Zafira Dance Company brings you this workshop that re-works some of Bellydance’s most classic moves. We will reinterpret these classics by slowing down, speeding up, taking them apart and turning them inside out! This workshop digs into the body mechanics necessary to execute movement with clarity, definition and grace through the practice of sustained drills to develop our strength and coordination. We will also devote time to explore opportunities for personal expression, enabling us to turn these movements into DANCE. In this workshop, participants will get a taste of how Olivia and Zafira work with Bellydance: a timelessly beautiful dance form, to create unique and powerfully expressive performance art.

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