Pittsburgh Dance Workshops w/ Olivia Kissel


Join me for a day of workshops in my home town!



Sat, Sept. 8 :: at Bodiography Center for Movement

 3 – 5 pm  ::  Shifty Ciftetelli     ($30 adv/ $45 door)

Olivia Kissel of Zafira explores the melodic rhythm Ciftitelli offers many opportunities for the dancer. This 8/4 rhythm is
spacious in the first half and staccato in the second. This allows the dancer to express the notes with sharp, quick locks and hits, and the rests with juicy, dreamy sweeps and holds.

This workshop will explore different versions
of cifti and then construct a series of combinations that fit this versatile rhythm. These combinations can be strung together for a short choreography or they can be used in parts to explore this rhythm on stage and around the campfire!

5:30 – 8 pm ::  Old School Meets New School   ($40 adv/ $55 door)

This workshop mines the roots of belly dance, exploring how some traditional North African Folk Dances have come to be known as “Belly Dance Classics” on the silver screen and stage. In the true spirit of this “living art form” that has been re-interpreted for over 3,000 years,  we will create our own variations exploring the expressive potential of these movements that are still relevant today.  In this workshop, participants will get a taste of how Olivia works with timelessly beautiful dance forms to create unique and powerfully expressive performance art.

To Register :

Paypal   oliviakissel@gmail.com

Cifti Workshop    ::    $30 + $1 PPFee  = $31

Old School Workshop   ::   $45  + $1.50 PPFee  = $46.50

Both Wkshops (save $$)   ::  $70 +  $2.50 PPFee =  $72.50



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