Fanfare Ciocarlia Rolls Through Pittsburgh this Sat! July 13 @ the Rex Theater


Fanfare Ciocarlia is rolling through Pittsburgh this weekend!

I have been training for this show for weeks. I’ve been working on my moves, and practicing my yelling and stomping skills at Pandemic Pgh shows for weeks.

I am trilled to do a little performance w/ Pandemic Pete to get the night rolling. Then, Lungs Face Feet will get our hearts pounding with lots of brass, accordion and percussion.

400650_574415615924370_1829498322_nAll of this is to prepare us for the greatest modern Romanian Gypsy Brass band in the Solarverse.

Their shows are like no other. The first time I saw them they played off the stage and created a big circle on the dance floor.  They pulled me out of the crowd to dance in the circle first. And for one sweet moment, I was surrounded by the tulip shapes of  tubas and trumpets, with the force of all the sound coming at me, and me alone.

Then the crowd poured in and we all danced into sweaty, oblivion.

A moment from my first Fanfare experience in Brno, Cz. They are featured in the documentary, Gypsy Caravan and The full-length film Iag Bari – Brass on Fire (full movie), directed by Ralf Marscallek .

Come see for your self. You will never forget this night.

Fanfare Ciocarlia, Lungs Face Feet, Pandemic and moi at the Rex Theater, Sat. July 13, 8 pm.

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