Director/ Producer

In addition to serving as Co-Artistic Director of Zafira Dance Company for over 10 years, Olivia produces multi-media spectacles in collaboration with artists from many genres. Her favorite show of late is her Vaudeville Carnivale series (4 in all) in which she uses dance, live and recorded music, comedy, aerialists, lighting, video, visual art, sculpture, food and libations to create a “full-contact” installation in which participants can immerse themselves in a timeless environment evocative of bygone eras, yet fresh as morning dew.  If you witness a Vaudeville Carnivale you will find performers in the streets, hanging from the rafters,  in the lobbies and on the stage performing for and withthe audience.

Vaudeville Carnivale 4 Highlights

Visit photographer Ron Lutz’ Gallery to see photos of Vaudeville Carnivale 3

Visit photgrapher, Shelly Bailey’s gallery for more photos of Vaudeville Carnivale 3

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