Photo by August Hoerr

For over 15 years I have traveled tirelessly to teach, perform and study contemporary transnational dance.  My work is inspired by blending Ethnographic, International Folk with Contemporary dance from performative, social, and sacred settings.  

Traveling as a working artist gained me access to contemporary and historical art worlds in cities and villages across the US, Europe, Russia, Australia and Africa. I have experienced these places from many perspectives -from sticky bars to elaborate stage spectacles, building relationships with artists and students, as well as patrons and intellectuals.  I am inspired by the texture of sound and light in the spaces where people come together to be moved. 

I channel my adventures into experiential projects that range from dance performance, to installation and decorative art.  My interest hovers in that sweet spot where art, education, technology and design meet with our basic human desires for nourishment, companionship and desire.

A (very) brief synopsis of my professional experience:

  • Bas Anthropology: University of Pittsburgh 1997
  • Masters in Arts in Teaching: Chatham University, 2005
  • PA State Certified Teacher
  • 10+ Yrs Teaching & Performing Dance Around the World 
  • 15+ Yrs Teaching Visual Art and Aesthetic Education
  • 10 Yrs Co-Director/ Dancer: Zafira Dance Company
  • 20 Yrs Teaching & Practicing Yoga
  • 10 Yrs Jewelry Design & Fabrication
  • 5 Yrs STEAM Education Teaching & Curriculum Development
  • 3 Yrs CNC Design: 2d & 3D

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