Since 1992, Olivia has studied, taught and performed her unique approach to contemporary ethnic dance. Incorporating elements of folkloric, urban, and classical dance forms, she creates a rich tapestry of movement and expression that is fresh, modern and relevant to both historical and current perspectives. She is known for infusing concept-driven work with passionate expression and smooth technique. Her approach to dance is both emotive and elegant, which results in lyrical, dynamic stage presentations.

Olivia enjoys the cross-pollination between artists and disciplines that happens with collaboration. She has worked with Vaudeville comedians, musicians, visual artists, burlesque and modern dancers, and side-show artists as well as opera and theater companies. She continues to work with the other dancers in her company, who have extensive training in Belly Dance, Indian Kabelia, and Ballet.

In the spring of 2007, fall 2009, fall 2010, and 2011 Olivia completed several European, Russia and US tours as a Zafira Dance Company principal dancer and solo artist.  She has dazzled audiences in Ireland, Spain, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Austria, United Kingdom, Croatia, Ukraine and Russia to name but a few. These tours were so successful that she has been invited back time-and-time again.  Olivia continues to travel nationally and she will be returning to Europe and Russia in 2011 for two tours this fall, and hopes to spend time in Eastern Europe studying from artistic sources.

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